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Merak Agricultural quad-rotor UAV

Merak is developed to raise the production, to create a safe farming environment, to promote the development of precision agriculture.

High performance

Centrifugal spray system can let the liquid particles smaller (reaching micron level), which helps the absorption easily and cover more uniform;
Quad-Rotor structure produce a downwind field resulting the drug liquid completely coverage on plant surface;
Higher drug loading (15 kg) give a long working time for a single flight.

Intelligence flight control system

Our flight control can plan task route when it fling, then automatic spraying;
With the help of Lidar, Merak can fly above any different terrain in a fixed height;
Merak can record automatically the spraying path and operation schedule, and then continue the schedule intelligently after recharge the drug liquid.

Flight path planning diagram
Intelligent remote dual tips design

Voice prompt + vibrate alert, monitoring the remaining liquid and battery volume, accurate feedback the job information with a ture time;
Integrating Image transmission system, could remote monitoring the working;
Remote monitoring and adjust the liquid flow, Spraying speed is adjustable with continuous, Makes the spraying is best.

Folded frame design

Foldable frame design makes it smaller, lighter and more conveniently when working and transportation; Integrated design of liquid box and frame express simple, waterproof and dustproof.

Technical paramaters
  • Takeoff weight: about 15 kg(no-load), about 30 kg(full load)
  • Flying speed: 2~8 m/s
  • Liquid box volume: 15L
  • Spraying range: 2~4m
  • Spraying efficiency: 1~1.5 mu/min
  • Operation time: 10~15 min/flight
  • Work load per day: 400~600 mu
  • Remote control distance: ≤1500m
  • Unfolded size: 960*960*420mm
  • Folded size: 600*600*420mm
  • Unfolded axle distance: 1250mm
  • Ambient temperature: 0~40℃
  • Maximum takeoff altitude: 4000m
  • Wind loading rating: level 6(suggest the working wind speed<3)