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PloughUAV Multi-mode Intelligent Flight Control System

PloughUAV multi-mode intelligent flight-control system is a distributed ,Low-cost, Hi-Rel, developed ,Multi-purpose small drive apparatus which developed by the HRG ShangHai ShengYao Intelligent Science and Technology Ltd and this drive apparatus Support IMU&GPS multiplicated system.

  • Applicability widely
  • High security
  • High reliability
  • strong extendibility
  • Good compatibility
Main application done
  • Micro / Small fixed-wing VTOL UAV
  • Multi-rotor UAV
  • Micro / small fixed-wing UAV
  • Adopt the M4 core small-package high-performance MCU;
  • Support frequency of 1000 HZ data acquisition andfrequency of 500/200 HZ 3D location and fitting the refresh rate of three axis attitude information;
  • 3 axis location accuracy 1 m(horizontal) 20 cm (vertical) (when the GPS and Barometer working);
  • This module can calibrate with FCU and the ground station can calibrate this Module via USB without FCU;
  • There are connect space left on the module can be expanded to ultraonic sensor, Optical flow sensor, LADAR and so on;
The interface parameters
  • With 16 channel configurable PWM, 1 channel signal sampling, 1 channel counter
  • 2 channel FET outputs, 1 channel high power output, 3 channel TTL I/O
  • Channel I2C, 3 channel TTL UART, 1 channel RS232, 2 channel CAN2.0B
  • 4 channel AD sampling
  • 1 channel SBUS input, 1 channel SBUS output
  • 1 channel USB test/debug port
  • Supply voltage: DC5V, average power consumption <5W
  • Dimensions:75x55x15 mm
  • Weight:Less than 60 g
  • Operating temperature :-40~+70 ℃