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天璇 四旋翼农业植保无人机


Science with technology-driven agricultural production, protect the security of smart farming environment, comprehensive, systematic design and implementation of sophisticated agricultural vision.

高效率作业性能 High performance

采用离心喷雾系统,药液颗粒小,可达微米级,药液易吸收,覆盖更均匀; 四旋翼结构设计,作业产生下压风场力,药液更直接覆盖层层叶面,全面喷洒到植被的各个角落;

Centrifugal spray system, small liquid particles up to micron level, full spray to every corner of vegetation, easy to absorb the liquid, covering more uniform; long single operating time, the drug loading up to 15kg, can be a better alternative people as workers and peasants, to avoid security risks, for easy and efficient mechanized farming production.

智能易操作飞控系统 Intelligence flight control system


Depending on the terrain, flight planning tasks can route a key to automatically spray;No complex ground station system, with routes and schedule work memory function, a key to intelligent continuous spray;Lidar 2CM precision fixed-point high and have automatic shield barrier function, can implement any complex terrain worry flight; (To illustrate this term increase, hoping to increase a silhouette icon indicates that the UAV can be automatically set high)

飞行路线规划示意图 Flight path planning diagram
智能双重提示遥控设计 Intelligent remote control


Remote control with voice, vibration prompted the dual function, real-time monitoring of the remaining dose and charge information, accurate live feedback operation; integrated image transmission system operator interface, remote control distance of up to 1.5km.

环抱式折叠结构设计 Folded frame design

机臂可折叠结构设计,体积更小质量更轻,节省空间方便运输;药箱、机身巧妙实现一体化 设计,外形简洁大方,兼备防腐、防水、防尘功能;外壳使用快拆结构,维护便捷,美观实用。

The arm folding structure design, smaller and lighter in weight, space-saving and convenient transportation; kits, clever integration fuselage design, simple and elegant appearance, both anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustprooffunction; use quick release housing construction, maintenance convenient, beautiful and practical.

性能参数 Performance parameters
  • 起飞重量: 约15kg(空载)、约30kg(满载)
  • 飞行速度: 2~8m/s
  • 药箱容积: 15L
  • 喷幅: 2~4m
  • 喷洒效率: 1~1.5亩/min
  • 作业时间: 10~15min/架次
  • 日最大工作量: 400~600亩
  • 控制距离: ≤1500m
  • 展开尺寸: 960*960*420mm
  • 收折尺寸: 600*600*420mm
  • 展开轴距: 1250mm
  • 工作环境温度: 0~40℃
  • 最大起飞海拔高度: 最大起飞海拔高度 4000m
  • 抗风能力: 6级 (建议作业风速<3)